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Intensive driving lesson courses

Intensive Courses no longer offered

Intensive driving courses not available

The intensive driving course can be very useful if you are short on time and need to pass your driving test very quickly.

If you need more than the traditional 1-2 hour weekly sessions, the amount of hours you spend is dependent on how quickly you need to pass.

Ideally, you will have had a little driving experience before you start the intensive driving course as generally it takes most people more than 20 hours to pass their driving test. The Driving Standards Authority (DSA) recommends over 40 hours tuition with a Qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) plus practice with a friends or family.

Depending on your ability your may be up to standard to take your driving test after an Intensive Course of 20 hours. You can spread the 20 hours over a longer period if you wish.

Our intensive course works out more expensive per hour than standard single hour rates because of the disruption to our clients’ regular appointments.

Alternatively, the 30-hour course will boost the pace of learning and achieve your goals in an even shorter period! 

Hours Price
20 hours n/a
30 hours n/a
35 hours n/a
40 hours n/a

The above prices are excluding the cost of the practical exam.

All intensive courses are payable in full in advance of driving lessons.