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Driving lessons in Brighton for beginnners

Driving lessons in Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and Southwick

Gain confidence with our experienced Brighton & Hove driving instructor

How do you choose the right driving school or driving instructor?

If you are paying someone to give you driving lessons in Brighton, they must be an approved driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee driving instructor.

It is important to learn how to drive safely from the start as bad habits are hard to break. Vogue Driving School has a Grade A, Approved Driving Instructor who will teach you just what you need to be a safe and confident driver and to pass your test in the minimum amount of time. Choosing an experienced driving instructor, with a good reputation and a car that you feel comfortable in, will put you at your ease from the moment you sit in the driver’s seat.

Everyone feels nervous on their first driving lesson but there is no need to worry. At Vogue, we understand and you won’t be put in any stressful situations that you are not ready to cope with.


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We will compile a structured lesson plan to enable you to pass your test in the shortest possible time. We will teach you driving skills that will last you a lifetime and make learning enjoyable and fun.

Our Driving Instructor has been teaching pupils for over 20 years and has a complete understanding of what pupils need to learn to pass their tests whatever their previous experience or standards.

All our driving lessons in Brighton are 1-1, there is no car sharing, and we don’t have other pupils in the back of the car. We ensure that during your driving lesson you can concentrate fully on learning the skills of the road and gaining driving experience.

We can pick up from your home, your place of work, college or university. Our hours are very flexible to accommodate people that work or who have limited time to learn to drive. 

When you pass your test, you will have freedom to travel wherever you wish. Your full driving licence will improve your career prospects as many job roles now require employees to be able to drive.